DC Comics – Hawk & Dove, Vol. 2 – #1 – Ghosts and Demons



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1st appearance of Dove as a female character. Rob Liefeld art. Ghosts and Demons!” His brother, Dove, is dead. The Teen Titans have thrown him off the team. Hawk is a man living on the edge…and just about anything can give him the push that will send him tumbling over into the abyss. HAWK & DOVE is the story of this man…and of the person chosen by the fates and the forces of Order to become his new partner, Dove. Hawk has drifted in his turmoil since Dove died, but now as the battle heats up between the Lords of Order and Chaos, he realizes that only Dove can save him from giving in to his bestial nature…if he can be saved at all. Co-written by Barbara Kesel and Karl Kesel, with art by Rob Liefeld and Karl Kesel. Cover by Liefeld and Karl Kesel. Cover price $1.00.”

(CA) – (A) – (W) – Barbara Kesel; Karl Kesel

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