DC Comics – Final Crisis – #6B – How To Murder the Earth



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The force that is Darkseid threatens to eclipse the last vestiges of free humanity everywhere. The Checkmate Castle is besieged, the Justice Society faces grim odds as they try to break through to Command D in Bludhaven, and the few survivors aboard the Justice League Satellite find that even in orbit, they aren’t beyond the Justifiers reach. Help is very far away, as the Green Lanterns never seem to get any closer to Earth no matter how they try, Batman is missing, and Superman is in the 31st century. But those heroes who remain prove themselves in their fights. Even as Checkmate prepares to activate their final contingency, a retreat into the multiverse, Barry Allen knows what he has to do to defeat Darkseid. But will that be necessary? Someone thought dead appears from out of the shadows, presenting the first threat to Darkseid since he seized power!

(CA) – (A) – (W) – Grant Morrison

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