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Synopsis for “The Beasts of Berlin!”

In a bad mood, Giant-Man chases his fan club members out of his headquarters. When the Wasp inquires what’s wrong, Giant-Man explains that his friend, F.B.I. agent Lee Kearns has been captured by communists in East Berlin. Giant-Man plans to go and rescue his friend, but refuses to allow the Wasp to travel with him because his late-wife was murdered the last time he was in a communist country. He briefly explains the death of his late wife to the Wasp so that she could understand why she is to stay behind.

Arriving in West Berlin, Giant-Man crosses the Berlin Wall by shrinking down to ant-size, and with the aid of local ants begins searching for Kearns. Finding him in a communist prison, Giant-Man has his ants chase Lee’s interrogator out of the room. Revealing himself to Kearns, Giant-Man is informed that the communists have developed a weapon that increases the intelligence of apes and that they plan to use it to turn them into intelligent weapons to use against the free world. Busting Lee out of his prison cell, Giant-Man battles one of these “Beasts of Berlin” in order for them to escape.

Later, Lee brings Giant-Man to the building where the ray is being stored. Inside, the communist soldiers have received orders to create as many Beasts of Berlin as possible. Just then Giant-Man storms in and has to battle an army of the intelligent apes. Shrinking down to ant-size, he gets away from the apes, and manages to train the weapon on the soldiers, reverting their intelligence to that of apes.

Giant-Man then saves Lee from the apes, and destroys the weapon before the two can escape back to East Berlin, smashing through the Berlin Wall in order to do so. With Lee free and the communist plot foiled, Giant-Man returns to America, and relates his story to the Wasp.

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