Marvel Comics – X-Force, Vol. 1 – #15 – To the Pain



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Crule’s attack on the X-Force team reveals to them not only that Gideon knows that Sam is an External, but that he knows that Sunspot isn’t. Cannonball leads the team to a confrontation with Gideon, only to find himself presented with a choice: If he’ll forswear involvement in any External matters, Gideon will tell him where to rescue his friend. Copycat has led Cable to Tolliver’s villa… and Tolliver’s forces were waiting. Ambushed by Deadpool, Cable is forced to fight for his life, as well as that of Domino… while Tolliver threatens to slip through his fingers again.
(CA) – (A) – (P) – Greg Capullo (W) – Fabian Nicieza

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