Marvel Comics – X-Force, Vol. 1 – #14 – Payback!



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Before he and X-Force could depart the Adirondacks to confront Tolliver, the explosive charges he set about their base are detonated prematurely. Unsure whether the rest of his team are still alive, Cable drags the traitorous Domino as he pursues his foe with a vengeance. X-Force have survived the blast, saving most of Bridge’s Weapon Prime team, but Cable’s effectively abandoned them. When S.H.I.E.L.D. reinforcements show up, Cannonball leads the team and takes control of the transport. But before they can decide on a course of action, they’re attacked by Crule.
(CA) – (A) – (P) – Terry Shoemaker (W) – Fabian Nicieza

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