Marvel Comics – Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 1 – #101A – Like A Phoenix, From The Ashes!


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As the Starcore Shuttle crashes back to Earth, Jean Grey manages to hold on long enough to send the wreckage careening into the waters of Jamaica Bay. The landing is thunderous… but the X-Men and Dr. Corbeau survive. Before Cyclops can dive to find Jean in the wreckage, however, she bursts forth from the waters of the bay like a Phoenix.Once the doctors have determined that they believe she will survive the injuries she’s sustained both in the crash, and in passing through the solar flare that endangered the X-Men’s lives, Professor X resolves to send the team on an enforced vacation while he and Scott oversee Jean’s care.The team travels to Ireland, where Banshee has been passed the ownership of his family’s ancestral home, Cassidy Keep. But little do the X-Men know that they are expected by foes from their pasts.
(CA) – Dave Cockrum (A) – (P) -Dave Cockrum  (W) – Chris Claremont

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