MARVEL Comics – THE DARK CRYSTAL – #1 & #2 (SET)


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The quest begins.

On the mystical world of Thra, a young Gelfling (a small elfin race) believes himself to be the last of his kind. Raised since a baby by the Mystics, a dying race reduced to but ten members, the gentle wizards of the natural powers of the world are the counterbalance to the evil Skeksis, a race of vulture-reptile monsters also dying, also reduced to ten members.

The fate of all these beings is inextricably bound up with a mysterious Dark Crystal, whose baleful karmic powers and vampiric forces doom everyone to work out their destinies in the context of a Prophecy that will save or doom the world…

(CA) – Bret Blevins (A) – Bret Blevins (W) – David Anthony Kraft

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