DC Comics – The New Teen Titans, Vol. 2 – #7 – The Origin Of Lilith!



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Kory, Joe, and Lilith are enjoying themselves at an outdoor art show, when the winged alien returns and carries his beloved Lilith into the sky. When Lilith once more begins to glow and emit her heat powers again, the Titans take the alien and got to Lilith’s apartment in Greenwich Village to talk. At the same time, the beautiful but merciless owner of Sun Publishing Company reveals herself as the sun goddess Thia, the missing twelfth member of the mythological Titans. As she soars sunward to replenish her powers, she senses that Lilith is close, and goes to her long-lost daughter. Thia invades Lilith’s apartment, announces that she is the precognitive Titan’s mother, and abducts her, despite Starfire’s efforts to prevent her. Starfire summons the other Titans, and Wonder Girl is able to identify Thia from Kory’s description as the wife of Hyperion. Taking the winged man with them, the Titans journey to Paradise Island, from which they hope to enter the realm of the gods to which Thia has probably taken Lilith. Arriving they find the island in ruins and all the amazons gone.
(CA) – Eduardo Barreto (P) – José Luis García-López (W) – Marv Wolfman

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