DC Comics – Follow Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham – #1 & #2 (Set of 2)

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In this DC Elseworld setting a young Selina Kyle’s parents are gunned down while she dashes into an alley to save a cat. To avenge her parents murder, she becomes The Catwoman, a creature of the night, a vigilante heroine. Her base of operations – Kyle Manor.

Over the course of this two issue mini-series The Catwoman investigates crimes at the request of the Cat Signal and Commissioner Gordon. Crimes committed by supervillans such as Killer Croc, The Joker, Former DA, Darcy Dent, now known as Two-Face. But a new supervillian has appeared, and is killing off the competition – The Batman.

(CA) – Jim Balent (A) -Jim Balent (W) – Doug Moench

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